Ok, well,  some people already knew.

I was amazed today–amazed at a website that can help so many people BUT not one single pharmacist that I speak with on a regular basis had even heard of.  How does this happen?  Seriously, HOW?

Pharmacy Times, which is a free publication directed at pharmacists, pharmacy techs, pharmacy students (basically anyone interested in pharmacy) has developed a database that they really should advertise more heavily.

WWW.COU-CO.COM  (which stands for Coupon Copay Resource) will let you select the category of need such as allergic emergencies, diabetes care, skin health, etc.  and then further drill down into the specific medication.  When you select the medication, the site directs you to the manufacturer’s patient assistance site.

It’s an all in one, manufacturer specific, patient assistance database. Awesome.

Check it out and tell me what you think.