Since my son was diagnosed with SEVERE allergies to egg, soy, peanuts (PN) and tree nuts (TN), I have become an enthusiastic food allergy education advocate (especially in regards to educating pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and students) as well as helping the newly diagnosed navigate some of the immediate necessities of dealing with food allergies). I grew up used to food allergies–my sister has a milk protein allergy. But, until I really had to contend with multiple severe food allergies as a mom, I didn’t have the true understanding of what it meant to live with FA.

I have been working in various pharmacy settings as an intern and ultimately as a pharmacist (with a Doctorate of Pharmacy) since acceptance into the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy in 1998.   These experiences have allowed me to educate countless people about medication “adverse reactions” (aka side effects), use and storage, as well as insurance issues and food allergies.

Currently, I am a retail pharmacist in a large chain, an adjunct professor with my local pharmacy school (plus working on several food allergy related research projects), and co-leader of a FARE recognized food allergy support group.  In addition to the food allergy advocacy, I volunteer with an organization that houses abused teenage and pre-teen girls.